Saturday, June 04, 2011

Darker than Black

This poem was inspired by the "false sky" motif used in Tensai Okamura's anime series Darker Than Black.

“The moon reins over modernity's false sky,

forsaken goddess drifting through light-polluted smog.”

Faith is drowned, weighed down

in advertised promises of technological utopia.

Two students look to the sky,

she asks him what he sees.

He thinks back to childhood, back to his birth

under the gaze of sun and stars.

how the depths of the infinite sky evoke eternity,

the sky, a canvas on which God painted the human soul

He tries to see through child's eyes,

tries to find a star that could be his, theirs.

But the sky is dim, faded from the city lights and smog.

“The moon reins over modernity's false sky"