Monday, March 21, 2005

Parable, The City of Sand

Something I thought of last night. It's not the best but I think it gets the point across pretty well.
At an elementary school, the kids had a 45 minute recess every day.
One child usually spent the recess alone in the sandbox since he didn't
have many friends.

Every day he would carefully sculpt a city of
sand, but he never had enough time to finish.

A group of kids would come by the sandbox on their way back to the
classroom everyday and destroy his unfinished city. They thought
it was great fun to keep the child from his goal of completing it.

One day while he was making the buildings anew, another kid came
up to him and asked him: "why do you spend such time building
your city every day when you know that it won't be there tomorrow
to complete?"

Sitting in the sandbox with a big smile on his face, the child
responded "sure it'd be nice to complete it, but it's just fun
building it."
like enlightenment, it is not the goal that should consume us,
it is the process. do not base happiness on reaching the goal,
for doing so will already defeat onself.

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