Monday, June 06, 2005

Parable: Label Makers

note: not mine, from a good book called The Song of the Bird by Anthony DeMello. i'll write some later this week since there's been a demand for them :P


Buddha once held up a flower to his disciples and asked each of them to say something about it.

One pronounced a lecture. Another a poem. Yet another a parable. Each trying to outdo the other in depth and erudition.

Mahakashyap smiled and said nothing. Only he had seen the flower.


author's additional commentary:

If I could only taste a bird,
a flower,
a tree,
a human face!

But, alas, I have no time! My energy is spent deciphering the label.


my commentary:
pretty straightforward i think. the parable observes how society likes to give labels to mostly everything (pretty, ugly, normal, strange, etc). perhaps people would get along more if we stopped judging/labelling persons and things and instead simply accepting them as who or what they are. the world is full of differences, learning to accept and respect them is a step towards seeing.

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