Monday, September 04, 2006


Alright, I haven’t really done much as far as making this a quality blog lately. But what I have discovered from my blogging experience so far, is that the purpose for writing something (other than “because we have to for a class”) can be divided into two separate levels. Most my previous posts resemble the first level, where my purpose of writing was to give form and structure to feelings that I had on various topics, without much regard toward how a reader would interpret them.

For the future of this blog, though, I hope to steer it toward the next level of writing, which has the purpose of communicating my thoughts and feelings in way that is accessible to the reader and, hopefully, interesting or helpful to them.

All writing, and all thinking, too, has the purpose of making the unconscious conscious, of transforming our unconscious feelings into concrete thoughts. Feelings are constantly changing, but once we have experienced a thought, we can fall back on it again and again. So, with this image of writing or reading with the purpose of transforming our transitory feelings about a subject into enduring concepts that can be applied to numerous aspects of our lives, I’ll “re-launch” this blog by reviewing the book that inspired it in the first place, Awareness by Anthony De Mello.

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